Frequently Asked Questions

What is Winkbill?

Winkbill is an online invoicing service designed to provide effort-less and hassle-free billing. The application can be used for any products and services sold. You can easily create, send, and track all your invoices with the help of Winkbill. It does not require you to download any software. The application is accessible via web browser.

What are the system requirements for using

Winkbill is a web based application supported by most web-browsers. Recommended web-browsers for are Internet Explorer 7 and Firefox. Please ensure cookies and JavaScript are enabled while accessing the Winkbill application.

Does Winkbill support recurring billing?

Yes, supports recurring billing. The recurring feature enables the user to schedule automatic generation of invoices through a simple wizard.

What payment gateways does Winkbill support?

The most widely used payment gateway “Paypal” is already supported by Winkbill. Paypal is well integrated with Winkbill and you can effectively receive payments via Paypal for your Winkbill invoices. We intend to integrate other payment gateways also in near future.

Does Winkbill support multiple currencies?

Winkbill is equipped with multi-currency support mechanism and supports all types of currencies.

How many clients can I add to the system?

UNLIMITED, You can add any number of clients to Winkbill.

Does Winkbill have APIs?

Winkbill does have API's and if you intend to merge Winkbill with your other business applications, we are happy to offer you support. Please email at for more details on API.

Can I backup my own data?

We value your data and understand your need to backup. We allow you to export your data in Excel format.

Is my data secure?

"ThePlanet" ( serves as our state-of-art data center that hosts our application. ThePlanet is located in Dallas, Texas. Security is a priority at Winkbill, the servers hosting the application are protected by firewall. The database is backed up nightly at two alternate locations. One in United States and another in Canada.